Bonnie McEneaney

Bonnie McEneaney, veuve d’un homme mort dans les attentats du 11 septembre 2001, a publié une enquête réalisée auprès des familles des victimes. Elle rapporte de nombreux témoignages de perceptions extrasensorielles (PES) d’enfants.

L’une de ses amies, Lisa O’Brien qui perdit son mari Timmy, est remariée et a eu une nouvelle fille, Gwenyth, qui, à l’âge de deux ans et demi, manifesta voir la présence de Timmy.

« Gwenyth began by pointing at something one evening when the lights were turned off.

“What are you pointing out ?” Lisa asked.

“I see Timmy” Gwenyth responded. Then she said, “I see him on your bed, Mommy, keesing you and playing with your hair.” (1)


Livre de Bonnie McEneaney

Lisa O’Brien a une autre fille, Lisa, âgée de 4 ans en septembre 2001 qui voyait souvent son père décédé :

« (Jacie) … frequently saw and spoke to her father. Lisa first became aware of this one day when Jacie was in the bathroom, and Lisa asked her to turn off the light. Jacie replied,

“Daddy already told me to turn it off.”

“What do you mean honey ? Lisa asked.

“Daddy said turn off the light, like a hundred times.”

Not long after that Lisa heard Jacie upstairs chatting.

“Who are you talking to ?” she asked

“Daddy and the boys”, Jacie replied.

“The boys” was the term that was often used to describe the group of friends who worked together at Cantor Fitzgerald. (2)

Bonnie McEneaney précise que parvenue à la préadolescence, Jacie perdit sa capacité de transcommunication.


Le fait suivant concerne une autre veuve, Monica Iken. Alors qu’elle séjournait chez des amis, les deux enfants de la famille, des jumeaux de deux ans qui ne parlaient pas encore, perçurent et signalèrent à plusieurs reprises, une présence près de Monica.

« This woman had twins who were less than two years old and not yet speaking. When they saw Monica, both of the twins would often look past her and point, as though somebody were standing behind her or next to her. Monica believes that even if they didn’t see a physical presence, they may have been aware of the light.” (3)


Le témoignage suivant est de Courtney Acquaviva, dont la fille, Sarah, âgée de 4 ans voyait souvent en rêve son père décédé.

“After September 11th, Courtney’s daughter also began to dream about her daddy. Courtney told me that one of Sarah’s favorite activities that summer had been going to the beach with Paul and flying her Elmo kite.

After her father’s death, Sarah told her mother, “Daddy comes to me at night and we fly our Elmo kites.”” (4)


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